Kelly Overton nude

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, I woke up today, turn on my computer, surfed the web a bit and found some nice looking pictures of Kelly Overton nude that you can notice right here.

Now let’s talk about movies and where you can notice Kelly naked as well. There are couple of those and I think you have to watch them just because of seeing her totally nude and having sex with some guys that got too much lucky. Anyway, our first movie for today is going to be Idle Hands so let’s start with them.

Although I have never watched that movie I think getting it would be the best thing I can do so far as here we can be a witnesses of one sex scene between her and some other dude. I don’t know why but she wears that makeup that some clowns do before the show. Her face looks all white and she has big black star drawn around her right eye. The best thing in this makeup would be her lips that are painted in some pink color and that looked very hot. She seems to be so excited there and I wouldn’t define that from real scene if it wasn’t for the fact that I know this is only a movie. By the way don’t forget that here you will see Kelly Overton naked and that is the biggest reason why you should watch this film.

The other one is Late Last Night with another sex scene of her so don’t you miss that as well my friends.